Monday, June 8, 2015

Still need to switch?

You are running out of time. If you want personal help, please plan to attend one of the 90 minute gmail intro sessions.

You now have access to a PCS Google Mail account. 
Setting up your Pirate email account is simple and will open the door to many other Google Apps you will find useful. Here are a few "how-to" videos on the setup process. (Takes about 3-5 minutes to complete the process)
If you would like the text directions in addition to the videos (plus some other tips) you can find more at the Getting Started pages or DOWNLOAD this printable PDF with directions and screenshots. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SITE IS FREQUENTLY UPDATED, SO CHECK BACK OFTEN.  :-)
1. Reset your password.
2. Login to your Pirate Email

3. Set your email to forward

4. Let people know about your new address

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