Monday, November 10, 2014

Google Calendar Appointment Slots

In this Tip of the Week we focus on Google Calendars, specifically on how to create Appointment Slots. This only works in a Google Apps domain, so you would not be able to use this feature on a personal Google account. Let's get to it!

Open the Chrome web browser, login to your Google Calendar, and select the Week view

Click on an open time slot in your calendar to open a quick add event pop-up

At the top of the window click the Appointment slots blue link
Here you can set the "title" for the appointment, which calendar it will show on, the type of appointment slot, and link to the event editor page. 
You might consider using this for something like parent conference sign-ups, group presentation sign-ups, etc. You can set the duration of the appointment (20 minute conference, 5 minute student speech, 15 minute group presentation, etc).
Click on the Edit details link to see more about the Appointment slots

Select which calendar the appointment should appear on from the drop-down menu next to Create appointment slots on calendar.

Title: Add a title to your appointment slot. This title will be used for any appointment made during this block.

Time Block: Set the starting and ending times and dates.

If you wish for this particular event to repeat at some point in the future, check the box next to Repeat. A pop-up window will appear on your screen.

Repeat: How often do you want this event to appear on the calendar?

Time: At what time should this event begin?

The Never option ensures the event will continue to appear on the calendar at the designated time and dates until manually altered.
The After_____Occurences option allows you to designate how often the event will appear on the calendar before it ceases.
The On______ option allows you to give a date as to when the event will cease repeating.

Look at the summary at the bottom of the window. If the information is correct, click Done and the repeat window will close.
Back on the Appointment slots window, fill in these fields:

  • Type: This allows you to either divide the time into several separate appointment slots where you designate the length of time for each appointment slot or create a single appointment slot.
  • Where: Use this to designate the location of the appointments.
  • Click Save.

*OPTIONAL* Creating an Appointment Calendar

If you would like your appointment slots on a separate calendar from your main calendar follow the below steps before creating appointments.

Go to your Calendar.

On the left side of the calendar page, locate the My Calendars section and click on the arrow to see the menu.

Click the Create new calendar link.

Fill in these fields:

Calendar Name: Add a name for your appointment calendar.

Description (Optional): Used to help identify your calendar for potential appointment seekers.

Location (Optional): Helps people find the events posted on your calendar.

Check the box next to Share this calendar with others.
Check the box next to Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Pinckney Community Schools.

Select the See only free/busy (hide details) option in the drop-down menu to the right of Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Pinckney Community Schools.

Click the Create Calendar button.

Sharing the Appointment Slots with Others

Some options for sharing the appointment slots with others are to email the link to the appointments, post the link on your website, post the site in a Google Classroom announcement, etc.

*If someone cancels an appointment, the appointment will remain on the instructor’s calendar unless manually deleted. The instructor should open the appointment to verify whether the person is attending or not. Deleted appointments show up with a strikethrough.

Scheduling an Appointment on a Calendar

Click on the slot on the calendar that corresponds to your desired start time and date. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Each of these is titled with the original appointment name "Testing" - taken slots appear in a color (mine are green).

Add details to your appointment.

Click Save.

Canceling an Appointment

Select the appointment on your calendar. A pop-up bubble will appear on the screen.

Click on the Cancel Appointment link. A new pop-up window will appear on the screen.

Select one of the following options.

  • Delete and notify guests: This will remove the appointment and inform anyone participating in that particular appointment that it has been canceled.
  • Delete without notifying guests: This will remove the appointment and will not inform any other participants.
  • Don’t delete will cancel the action.

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