Friday, December 19, 2014

Smarty Pins (plus some Christmas fun)

Merry Christmas!
Here's a special BONUS tip. Check out Google Maps Smarty Pins. This fun map based game is great trivia and forces you to spend a little time on the map. No tutorial here, just fun. ;-)

And the "plus"...
The Google Santa Tracker. There is a little movie or game or lesson for each day - be sure to explore - this one is HUGE fun!
The calendar will show you all of the items.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the break!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Start a Blog

One of the easiest ways to have a web page is to create a blog. Your newest content will always appear at the top of the page, you can add a variety of content, and you can post in a number of ways.
Your account (or any google account) has a Blogger account connected to it. Which means that your username (including and password will grant you access to the wonderful world of simple web publishing.
In this post I'm going to offer a few "levels" of blogging:
  • Just the basics - you can post and people can read what you write
  • Enough to be dangerous - your posts might include some pictures and videos, as well as scheduled posts
  • Showing off a little - you can post to your blog from your phone or email

Let's get started.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What is Google+?

You may have noticed the "+YourName" in several of the Google apps. What is it? That's Google + (plus). It is a little bit like a Facebook-Twitter-blogging-email-Flickr mashup in that it is social, but more customize-able.
The big advantage of Google + is CIRCLES. You create circles, add people to the circles, (you can put people in multiple circles) and share with your circles.
So, let's look at what it is and how to learn more about Google +.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gmail Filters

Last week we looked at adding labels to your email. This week we will look at FILTERS.

As I stated before, Gmail puts all of your email in one container and uses filters and labels to gather what you want in ways you request. Since Gmail is a Google product it makes sense that they would approach mail organization as a searching task. :-) When we create a filter, we ask google to do a pre-defined search and display the results in a pre-defined format.

One warning before you get too far. You can set up filters to forward and delete things. Be careful when setting up your filters.

So HOW do I create a filter?