Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Google Keep - revisited.

This week I am focused on a little-known but powerful and handy tool called Google Keep.
It is available as a web site and as an app for Android phones and tablets. AND IT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR iOS
This is a simple tool for keeping notes and lists. I like the fact that I can customize the look and share the lists/notes with anyone I need to. Additionally, I love the reminders.
Let's take a closer look...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Converting Pages Documents for Google Drive (again...)

An Encore? Why?

As part of my summer, I took some time to learn a little more. Part of my learning involved a "critique" of my tip of the week. One of the VERY valid concerns was the frequency of the tips. Hearing that people were feeling overwhelmed by the frequency, I decided to cut back a bit. So, expect to a see a "new" tip every other week and a "reminder/encore" on the opposite weeks. Last week was new so this week is a reminder.

Many teachers have created documents and files in programs like Pages, Keynote, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.  I was recently asked if there is a way to "convert" these files to use with Google.
In this post I will walk you through turning your non-google file into a Document, Presentation, or Spreadsheet. I'll also show you how to turn on (or off) the new Drive and set your uploads to convert automatically.

If you are working with Pages, Keynote, or Numbers '09 you will start by converting to Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.
If you are working with Word, PowerPoint, or Excel skip down to the Uploading Files & Automated Conversion section below.