Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This week - a little help with help...
I found this app and added it to Chrome and thought you might like it. :-)
I'd like to give credit to who pointed me toward it, but I can't remember, so, generically, thank you to everyone who already knows about this and may have written something about it.

This week's tip is called Synergyse Training for Google Apps. It is an extension you add to Chrome.
Here's what to do...
1. Read the steps below, then click this link...
2. Click on the blue ADD TO CHROME button.
3. Google will alert you about what the extension is allowing. In order to continue you will need to click the Add extension button.
4. Next, open up your gmail page and look in the upper right corner.
5. Clicking the ? in the corner will open a "drawer" with tutorials and tips.

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