Monday, August 10, 2015

Office 365 - A Brief Introduction.

We've added an additional productivity tool to the PCS toolbox. :-)
Office 365 is an online version of the Microsoft Office suite of tools - very much like a Microsoft version of Google Docs.
First, a disclaimer...
Let's be clear about this tool. It is not great. Personally, I would recommend Google Docs over Office 365. Office 365 has fewer features than Google Docs and might just add confusion to the user experience. Use it at your own risk.

Okay - you've been warned...

Every user who has a or account has access to our Office 365 portal.
Office 365 provides each user with an online version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, as well as several other applications.
The login site for Office 365 is at
Your login is your username (before the @ in your email address) followed by and your password is the same password you use for your account.
When logged in you will see a screen like this:
There are several "buttons" in the center part of the page. Clicking on one of the choices will open the associated application. The application is not the full product, but a slimmer version of the tool. You will notice fewer buttons and options. Depending on the application you might see something like the image below.
Clicking in the upper-left corner opens the shortcut box for links to the other applications.
Feel free to explore the tools and experiment with their functionality. Enjoy!

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