Monday, September 15, 2014

Tabbed browsing.

This blog is a new effort to get teachers (and students) familiar with all of the tools we have available as part of the Google accounts that have been created for each of you. The goal is to provide more "bite-sized" learning opportunities.

You can request to get an email from me automatically each time I post by using the FOLLOW BY EMAIL field to the left (or below if you are looking at this on a mobile device), but for the first few months, I will be emailing a teaser and link to the post each week.

If you have a suggestion for a tip that you would like to share or learn about, please send me an email ( and I would love to include your tip or question as part of the series.

In our first week, something simple - Tabbed Browsing.

Many already know about and do this, but I am going to share a little about the Chrome browser and the tabbed browsing features it offers.

Watch the video to learn more...

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