Chromebook FAQ

To help people better understand the move to Chromebooks and to help answer questions, we have developed this list of Frequently Asked Questions about our implementation of the Chromebooks. If you have a question we didn't answer here, please send an email to and I will add it to the list (if applicable).
  1. Are you taking away my MacBook?
    No, but... Support for your Macbook will be limited. Here's a good analogy: It's like you have an old used car (your Macbook) and the tech department is your insurer. If your car (laptop) gets in a wreck, we will look at what it costs to fix it and do what we can reasonably do. We will use parts we have available and keep it running as best we can. If the repair is too expensive, we are not going to fix it. So, we are not taking it away, but we are not replacing it when it gets "totaled".
  2. When will I get a Chromebook?
    After April. We don't have a solid date yet, but we hope to have some for teachers before the summer begins. 
  3. Do I have to have everything moved off of Goliath/Staff01 or I will lose it?
    No. The server is not "going away" and you would still be able to access the server via your Mac laptop or via your SmartBoard. Accessing the server from a Chromebook is not possible, but you can move any files you want (unlimited space) to Google drive and access the files from there.
    Look below for the three tools (contributed by one of our very own users) that will convert files from an Apple format to a Microsoft format, which Google can read and easily convert to a Google format.
  4. Am I going to be able to print documents?
    Yes (and No). While printing from the Chromebooks is not available right now, we are in the process of setting it up. Once it is fully implemented, you will be able to print using Google Cloud Print.
  5. Will students still be able to use the dropbox I set up on Goliath/Staff01?
    No. Just to be clear - there is a difference between a dropbox that has been set up on Goliath/Staff01 and the website, A dropbox setup on our network (on Goliath or Staff01) will not be available from a Chromebook. The website is available, but Google Drive offers a better, unlimited, integrated solution.
  6. What about all my documents? Do I have to recreate them?
    No. We have tools available to convert Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that can be uploaded and converted to Google files. When you convert the files, you are going to see some issues. The directions for use is similar for all three file types.
  7. What about my iTunes files? Can I move those?
    Yes. The process is basically connecting your iTunes library to Google Play music and letting Google do the transfer for you. Details on how to do that can be seen here:
  8. What about my photos? Can I transfer those?
    Yes. You can use the Google Photos uploader to move all your images and movies to the cloud. This is a great way to automatically back everything up and make it available on all your devices. The downloader is available here:
    Note that you can use this with your smartphone as well, setting the phone to automatically upload all your photos from your devices.